What We Do

Mission Statement

We’re here to make producing television simple, fun, on-time and under budget. We make the deal process quick and easy, the planning process transparent and straightforward. Through our unsurpassed deals, we put the most money on-screen to ensure success and longevity of the projects. We use the best and most up to date post technology and delivery systems. Communication is key – we produce efficiently, maintaining the highest quality. Dialed in to the global content production landscape, we create bespoke deal structures and provide a 360-degree operations infrastructure, to include crew oversight.


Docu-Follow, occur-soap, family reality, hidden camera, documentary, scripted reality, house reality, run and gun, dating, hating, real reality…. we’ve done it all in the US and around the world.  


In the field or on a stage, crazy stunts, celebrities hidden in costumes, women from around the world, seeing celebrities show off or straight forward music, we’ve been a part of it.


Live, pre-taped, awards or no awards, savage or not, variety or straight forward, global or here in the US, we’ve been a part of it.  This is where we came from, so this genre holds a special place in our television hearts.  Check out our IMDb for a detailed list.


Whether it’s realizing we’re not smarter than a 5th grader, to negotiating with sharks, launching the largest LIVE game show in the world for 11 straight nights on NBC for a million seconds, or just finding out if we’re normal, we’ll ring the buzzer anytime to partner up on a game show.


Talk. Game. Stage. Field. Singing. Reality (house, docs-follow). Competition. Soft Scripted.  We’re fortunate to say we’ve been able to do them all.


We’ve taken over the US/Mexico border, convention centers around the world, backlots, time square on New Year’s Eve and all over the National Mall for performances, stunts, stand-up, awards and anything else you can put on a stage.   Live or pre-taped, we are always excited to be a part of an event.